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Express Essentials

Wouldn’t you like to look your best in a few minutes? We know time is precious, that’s why we’ve developed an Express Essentials menu. So you’re in and out.

Rapid Results Eye lift treatment

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Lift, brighten and tone delicate skin around the eyes with this rapid results treatment utilising the latest peptides, vitamins and advanced ingredient technology to deliver optimal skin health in minimal time.


30 minutes for $55.00

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Ideal for special occasions, convienient, relaxing and results simply stunning

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30 min

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Have your make-up done for you
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Lashes & Brows

Brow Shape, Lash Tint & Brow Tint

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Brow Shape

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Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Refills (from)

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Brow Tint

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Lash Tint

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Lash and Brow Tint

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Our skilled therapis can shape or tint brows and tint lashes.
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